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Tips to Pick Best Gaming Monitor for You

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Choosing a gaming monitor can be daunting for many users, as there are many specifications to be considered. Let’s discuss important factors a player must consider before selecting a gaming monitor.

Size of the Monitor

The Huge display will give you magnificent gaming experience.  But bigger screens with high quality cost you more. Larger screens are viewed at larger resolutions, for which powerful hardware is required. Most gamers will be happy with 23” or 24” screens. 27” screen is popular for better gaming experience.

Screen resolution

Today, the minimum screen resolution is 1080 p(1920 x 1080) and next is 1440p (2560 x 1440, Quad-HD). Higher resolution also needs powerful hardware. 4K (3440 x 1440) resolutions require even more powerful gaming PC so it’s not for everyone. 4K monitors are highly expensive. All gaming hardware doesn’t support 4K resolution.

Refresh Rate

A monitor’s refresh rate is the time (per second) taken to redraw the entire screen. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). Higher the refresh rate player can enjoy higher frame rates without graphical tearing. Standard monitors have 60 Hz refresh rate. If you want excellent gaming experience go for a faster refresh rate screens such as 120 Hz or 144 Hz.

Response Rate

The response rate of a monitor is how quickly the screen updates itself. Lower the response rate the faster the screen updates, and anything lower than 8ms is good. Less than 6ms is even better and 2ms or 1ms is perfect.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of a monitor is the comparison of picture quality between different monitors.  If contrast ratio is high picture quality is more.

Panel Technology
Manydisplay technologies are there with their pros and cons. Twisted Nematic (TN) panels are popular and affordable as they have good refresh rates and response rates. Vertical Alignment (VA) panels are known for their contrast ratio and best colors.A gaming monitor should be equipped with a variety of video inputs.

Price of a monitor totally depends on the features and specifications like Screen size, panel technology and other features. The more you pay, themore powerful screen you will get.


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Maria – who has written posts on An Ultimate Guide.

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