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Practise Meditation with Comfy Meditation Pillows

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What comes to your mind when you hear about the word –“meditation”? One sure thing, which every one imagines is a person sitting in comfortable posture, which is also known as “Sukh-asana”, by the yoga gurus. Next thing you might imagine is about the calm and peace, which a person sitting in that posture experiences. Well, in order to make their life better, many companies have come forward with the concept of meditation pillows. Like yoga mats and yoga blocks, these meditation pillows have known to be helpful for vast majority of them. Although, the usage of these are trending now, but these external devices were in use from a long span of time.

Comfy Meditation Pillows

One simple motive behind designing of these “fancy” things is to raise enthusiasm and interest in people towards doing meditation and attaining the perfect peace, which is also known as Samadhi. These days, many yoga experts have been promoting the usage of these things. In the course of time, devices like yoga mats and meditation pillows come in use. Let us see in more detail, why these pillows are essential for your meditation practise.

Cushions play a good role in shaping our posture. Even while you sleep, people have varied preferences of cushions. Some people like soft, while other like hard or semi hard pillows. Thus, the change in material makes all the alterations.  Practising of meditation requires attention of mind, body and soul. Hence, it is utmost important aspect to keep your body comfortable. In order, to be remaining seated for long amount of time and in particularly, without movement, making your body loose and relaxed is essential. This implies that the right cushioning will help you get rid of this discomfort. It bolsters your practise session and keeps your body posture in perfect shape.

In order to select a right pillow, you can choose based on many factors. While shopping for your pillow for meditation, keep in mind about the following aspects:

  • Height: know the height of the pillow you want, you would not want it to be too high or too low.
  • Flexibility and Comfort: this is essential, since they should be comfortable to carry and use.
  • Position: knowing your position, before choosing for pillow is recommended. Since, the poses vary and your comfort too. For example, the sitting positions differ for lotus or half lotus poses.
  • Spinal Health: know about your spinal issues before choosing a pillow. You may not prefer to face spinal sprains after peaceful meditation period.

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