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High-Quality Cookware: Anolon vs Cuisinart

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When buying cookwares, low-quality cookwares are what we usually prefer? Well mainly because they are cheap. However, the tendency is, we buy cheap cookwares almost every year. They won’t last long. We end up spending for than a couple hundreds of dollars within the next ten years. If you are gonna look closely, there are high cookwares where you can spend just around $200 dollars and will stay with you for the same amount of time.

A high-quality cookware does not crack, break or lose its nonstick coating for just a year of using it. Anolon and Cuisinart are two of the top cookware brands in the market today. These two are the most popular mass-produced high-quality cookwares. Let us discover what these two has in store for us and see the results of anolon vs cuisinart.


Anolon Advanced Hard Nonstick cookware set is made of heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum. This thick aluminum set can distribute heat evenly compared to steel made alternatives. Compared to other pans, Anolon will not dent or warp even if you are using it most of the time.

The set includes 11 pieces of cookware.

  • 3-quart saute pan with lid
  • 5 and 3-quart saucepans with Lid
  • 8-quart stock pot with Lid
  • 5-inch open skillet
  • 12-inch deep skillet with lid

anolon vs cuisinart


The Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware set is a mixture of triple-ply stainless steel with an aluminum core. The outer layer is stainless steel as well as the inner layer. When you are cooking, only the steel is touching both the heating surface. In between these layers, there is a thick layer of heavy-gauge aluminum. This provides faster even heating process, then the heat extends up the sides of the pan, making an even distribution of heat to your food.

            The set includes a 12-piece cookware set which includes:

  • 5-quart saucepan with cover
  • 3-quart saucepan with cover
  • 8-inch open skillet
  • 10-inch open skillet
  • 5 quart saute pan with cover
  • 8-quart stock pot with cover
  • A steamer insert with cover

When we are buying things for our kitchen, we always have to make sure that we consider the quality of the product. It’s not always about the price. Think about what benefits you can get even if you spend a little more on just one transaction, compared to buying a cheap product and end up spending more in the future because of its low quality. Pots and pans are the overused kitchenwares. Be wise when buying kitchenwares.

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Maria – who has written posts on An Ultimate Guide.

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