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The Best Meditation Cushions Highly Recommended by One Mind Dharma

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One Mind Dharma is a creation of Matthew and Elizabeth Sockolov. They don’t sell meditation cushions. However, they have the best recommendations that you can use while doing your daily meditations. These cushions are from the best vendors that they trust, which they would also want to share with other people.

Organic Meditation Cushions

            When you are doing your daily meditation, it would be best if you are in your most comfortable state. During meditation, you would need to meditate and connect with your environment and yourself, and this would not be possible without using the best and the most comfortable cushions that you can find.

Mala Collective Cushions.

            Mala Meditation cushions are specifically designed to support your mindful journey home. The Mala creations are made by female artisans in Bali. these cushions are perfect for height which is made to support your hips and knees while you are sitting in peace. These cushions are made creatively with unique designs that would also be perfect for your living room. This will serve as your reminder to always take a silent moment and connect with yourself.

The Organic Meditation Cushions

            These cushions are not physically the same with the Mala collection, but these ones are solid. These are made by Bean Products which are manufactured using 100% organic zafus and zabutons. These will also give you an option to fill it with buckwheat. Elizabeth prefers the buckwheat than cotton since it can help you retain the meditation cushion shape longer.

Inscribed Meditation Cushions

            What’s more inspirational than inscribed meditation cushions? These can also be a decorative piece in your living room, to always remind you to meditate. Buddha Groove, the creator of these inscribed meditation cushions, have a lot of designs and patterns for you to choose from. At a reasonable price, these are considered one of the best meditation cushions.

Other Meditation Cushions

            Aside from these three brands, you can also check out some of the best cushions that are worth a try. If you check out Amazon, the website also sells a wide range of meditation cushions that you can choose from. These are mostly from independent vendors but are also of good quality.

In meditation, finding the best meditation cushion should be considered. You should also choose the ones that are best qualities. Never settle for anything less. Remember that this is the time that you will connect with yourself. Make it special.

I’m Maria Ronaldo, a fashion and travel blogger at Erpcareer. As a fashion blogger, I’ve learned a lot and always dreamed of providing the best styling tips to people. I usually try to turn them they always wanted to be. This website covers not only fashion but also the travel category.

Maria – who has written posts on An Ultimate Guide.

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