Buying a camera is one of the biggest investments that you make in your life; hence you have to be clear and confident in your choice the first thing you have to decide the type of cameras you are looking for.

  • Film camera
  • Digital camera

Film camera is a type which is used by the people who are working in the film industry.

Digital camera is something which is commonly used by many people in today’s world. Anybody can afford a digital camera.

Camera models:

Either you are buying a film camera or digital camera, model plays a major role. There are two different types of models available in the market.

  • Point and shoot camera
  • Single lens reflex

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Point and shoot camera is very easy to use and one of the simplest model you have in the market. You just simply aim the object and it will be auto focused and click the shutter you will get the photo you need.

Single lens reflex model has interchangeable lenses which will be really helpful while filming. In this slr model you also have digital technology to be used which is called as dslr.  This is the advance model in today’s market.

Many people think that have many different featured cameras will have many advantages but in really case it could be very difficult to operate. Hence if you are beginner it is better to have a camera with basic features this will be fine and helpful for you to operate easily.

Also it is better to looking into the weight of the camera. Always it is better to have a less weight camera; this is because you can easily carry it with you. Make sure that the camera has a bag along with it. Camera bag has different comportments for its equipments, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them all.

Among many different models it is better to buy canon eos rebel t6 bundle which is the most advanced and user friendly camera in the market today. You can read the reviews and the features of the camera online to know more.

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