If you’re a movie enthusiast, there are two ways to enjoy the experience – theater or smart TV. Going to the theater is good, but you cannot do it every week or as much as you can because of the cost. The practical thing to consider these days is 123moviespower or online movies. If you consider online movies at home, you do not need to pay entrance fees plus you can watch anytime.

Aside from that, you have a vast collection of movies at your disposal. If you want to improve your home entertainment, it’s time that you choose the right smart TV. Choosing the right TV for your viewing habits means considering technical aspects like screen resolution, display technology, and many more.

The smart TV specifications can be confusing, but you should never stop searching until you find the right one. To make things easier for you, here are some tips for choosing the right smart TV:



The biggest factor in your buying decision is probably the screen size. The answer will depend on the physical space you plan to install it. The best thing to do is to look for a measuring tape and write the dimensions of your room, then visit a local retail store to determine the distances yourself. Aside from the size of your living or bedroom, you also need to consider how far away you will be sitting to watch.

Display technology

The display technology these days rely on two technologies – LED, LCD, and the OLED. Trying to choose the best one can be tricky because manufacturers add their proprietary technologies. On top of that, LED, LCD, and OLED technologies continue to improve. To know the difference, you have to look at its illumination. LED and LCD use a white-emitting diode as a backlight to form an image. OLED uses an organic light emitting diode which lights up each pixel one by one using the electric current.


TV resolution describes the number of pixels that make up the screen. You have to remember that the more pixels that make up the screen, the sharper the display. These days, a majority of sets have resolutions of 3840 by 2160 pixels. This size is called 4K. If you come across Ultra HD, it means the same resolution. If your TV is less than 40 inches, 4K resolution is not worth investing because it won’t be noticeable.

Picture technology

Choose a screen with HDR (High Dynamic Range.) This will bring out the details in the lightest and darkest parts of the picture. It can also improve the range of colors. Aside from that, you should also consider the refresh rate – the number of times the TV display refreshes every second.

The price will depend on the features that you want. Expect to pay $500 for a 50 to 55-inch smart TV and at least $900 for a 65-inch model. OLED TV’s looks better than typical LCD and LED, but you have to remember that it’s more expensive. To enjoy home entertainment more, you should plan to buy a soundbar.

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