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How To Look Like Madonna In 80-Talet Kläder

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Get the right 80-Talet Kläder to look like Madonna. Whether you’re a fan or not, her style back in the eighties remains the most copied to date. Her fans, both teens and adults, even attend her concerts wearing some of her most iconic looks. Indeed, you’ll have your choice

80’s Fashion Trends That Should Stay in That Era

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There should be a time and place for everything, and thankfully many fashion trends of the 80’s have now moved on to a better place. Albeit the decade was full of color and individuality, many individuals are glad that today’s fashion trends have learned lessons and evolved since that

The Importance of a Consultation Before Any Hair Service

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Unlike makeup which can be removed if you do not like it, hair styling or coloring is something that you will have to live with for quite some time before you get to change it. That is why, consultation is important so that you can decide on a style

Entrust Your Luscious Locks To The Experts At Propaganda Hair Group

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When it comes time for a new cut, color, or style, there’s no substitution for an expert with skill and attention to detail. We live in a world where first impressions mean a lot, and a bad hair-do can lead to some unfortunate snap judgments. Put your best foot

The Artificial Nails That LookLike French Manicured

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There are sometimes when you lack the confidence to step out of your house because of your not so attractive natural nails. In these situations, you can try wearing the artificial nails, which are also called as false nails or fake nails. These nails come in different shapes and

The art of manicures

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Manicure, a beauty treatment involving finger nails is quite common among the younger women. This treatment can be done in the salon or at home. This process involves steps like filing, clipping, shaping the edges, removing the dead tissues by cuticle pushing, massage of hands, application of nail polish

Beat the Heat With Your Clothes – Summer Clothing Guide

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The scorching summer has come and you might find it hard to fit into the right clothing. The temperature has warmed up everything around you, but still you can stay cool with your trendy clothes. Don’t let this summer spoil your fashion penchants. Here’s a list of few outfits
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