Though Las Vegas is the most popular city in Nevada, the state has lot more to offer.  When you travel to Nevada, makes sure you prepare a planned itinerary so that you can visit all the prominent attractions or most of them. If you visit Nevada or just Las vegas or Reno, there are some tips that you can definitely use.


Travel tips to know in Nevada

Though English and Spanish are spoken, you might encounter some indigenous people who may not show much interest in speaking in Spanish.

If you are visiting Nevada for the first time, then do visit the tourist office located in Carson City, the capital of Nevada. It will provide you all information about travelling in the state and you can also buy tickets from the office to interesting events happening at the time.

Also note the temperature. The summer temperature can rise up to 40 C.

If you are planning to visit Tahoe, then it is best to rent an accommodation near Reno and then travel to Tahoe because hotel prices at Tahoe can be quite expensive.

Travel tips you must be familiar with in Las Vegas and Reno

Las Vegas: For international travellers, it is mandatory to carry any identification form with you. Carry a copy of passport with you.  You can exchange money for dollars at the McCarran International Airport. Use credit card for shopping or buying and use debit cards to withdraw cash. It is best not to carry lots of cash with you while in Las Vegas. For charging your phone, or any other electrical appliance, ensure that you have an adapter with you as the plug size may be different.  One has to be 21 or above to drink or gamble in the city. Children are strictly forbidden to accompany parents to casinos. Since the airport is situated in the middle of the city, there is no need to rent a car.  You can even enrol for free gambling lessons in Las Vegas.

Reno:  Carry both summer and winter clothes depending on the weather of Reno. For first time travellers, it is advisable to carry a map of Reno while going about. While in Reno, it will be a good idea to check out local cuisine as they are not only freshly prepared but also tastiest. You can also opt for side trips after you land at Reno. Public transport is easily available but renting a car would mean more convenience.

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