If you are a regular at the gym or believe in staying healthy and fit, chances are you’ve heard about testosterone and probably are heading out to buy testosterone supplements now, but it’s always good to know more about things that could affect your body in more than one way.

There is a lot of fuss about testosterone, what is it that makes them so important and should you buy testosterone? So let’s begin by answering a basic but significant question, what is testosterone?

Testosterone plays a major role in the development of male reproductive tissues mainly, testes and prostate. It is the elementary male sex hormone but chemically it can also be called a steroid. It plays a key role in your body to mature, repair, flourish and promote secondary sexual characteristics. Deficiency of testosterone may also lead to abnormalities like the bone loss or infirmity in men. Testosterone stimulates muscle growth, the reason why its called an anabolic steroid.

Now that we’ve established the importance of testosterone, let us look at a few common symptoms of low testosterone levels. However, not all of the signs may suggest low testosterone levels. But if you are facing a few or more of these issues, consult your doctor. Here is a brief list of symptoms found in both men and women.

  • low muscle strength
  • extreme tiredness due to mental or physical activities
  • reduced body hair
  • increase in body fat
  • mood swings
  • self-doubt or feeling of dejection
  • lack of sexual desires
  • lack of concentration
  • insomnia
  • loss of pleasure from sex (especially women)
  • the absence of erection or problems in maintaining one (only men)
  • gynecomastia or enlarged breast tissues (only men)

While one may not realize the significance of testosterone, it is important to maintain a healthy life and well-being. The issue of low testosterone has a simple solution – intake of testosterone supplements of steroids. You can But testosterone, mainly as it is easily available online. It is always advised to check your testosterone levels from the doctor and he will be in a good position to prescribe it to you. There is another argument that says, what level is a low level of testosterone. This question is still unanswered, and that is another reason that the medical community is not so much in favor of steroids for testosterone, obviously also taking into consideration its side effects. There are natural ways to boost your testosterone levels although one may want to take the easier way out.

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