When it comes to bikinis, we all play too safe and go for the most traditional ones- that would never go wrong. However, this time when you hit a store, you can try playing it different and actually find bikinis that’d be crafted just for you. Here are some of the bikini styles that you should definitely try.

Strapless bikinis

  1. Strapless Bikini

Also called bandeaukini, strapless bikini is one amazing style that is underrated by most of us. Strapless bikinis are a lot more revealing than the other types. If you want to flaunt your body and show all the confidence that you’ve got, you should definitely try this one.

  1. Tankini

For anyone who wants to wear a bikini but still would prefer not baring a lot of skin, this one is a good option. The top looks more like a tank top. This one is also ideal if you are a swimmer.

  1. Sling bikini

Sling bikinis are also called slingshots or suspender bikinis. This one is a one piece but shows the abdomen region. These bikinis have straps around the neck. The back is left uncovered. There’s a point in the middle that connects the upper part and lower part of the bikini.

  1. Skirtini

Just when you’d have thought there can’t be anymore variation, yes, there’s a bikini with a skirt-like bottom. If you are the kind of person who’d rather hide your bottoms when you are out in the beach, this would be the best thing to wear.

  1. High-waist bikini

So many women wouldn’t want to show their waistline. But bikinis are revealing that way. If you’d want to cover your waistline, you don’t need to give up on wearing a bikini. Instead, you can wear a high-waist bikini that covers your waist.

  1. Fringe bikini

The boho style does not just stop at regular clothing. For people who are crazy about the boho trend, you can get a fringe bikini. In a fringe bikini, the upper part of the bikini has fringes attached to it and this adds quite a good amount of volume to your outfit.

  1. One piece

If you’d want to keep your back and midriff completely covered and swimming is what you’d primarily want to do, you can wear a one piece. A one piece bikini covers all the parts of your body except for the limbs. To be more confident about wearing just about any kind of bikini, you can read through SweatWith Kayla Review and also visit the bikinibodyguides review blog!

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