Remaining fit, healthy and in shape is the dream of every woman. There are several workouts, cardio exercises and other apps that people follow blindly but do not get the desired results at all. For effective results it is important to follow a trusted and good source or mobile app for planning and learning workout. One such effective reference for without to get bikini ready body shape is the bbr 2.0 e book which is known as Sweat with kayla. You can find out more about this guide on This contains several cardio exercises by Kayla that are completely effective.

mobile app for planning and learning workout

Kayla herself is a fitness expert and has years of experience training customers to remain fit and healthy. Her instructions and training is not to reduce weight as such and involves teaching exercise regime for keeping your body in shape. She has compiled all her experiences in the form of bikini body guide popularly known as Sweat with kayla. Recently the fitness expert has launched her mobile app based on this bikini body guide which is known as Itsines app. This app is launched for the iOS platform and can be installed on the latest Apple phones and iPads.

The first impression after seeing the splash screen and details of the app was that the app is clean and user-friendly with amazing graphics and sound effects. There were two main sections of the app – nutrition guide and the bikini body guide 3.0. I was super excited to check out the new bikini body guide as i had been following the sweat with Kayla guide of bikini body 2.0 in the form of e-book earlier. After opening that section I was highly disappointed as the guide was just a pictorial form of the e-book on my small mobile screen. I was expecting some sort of videos or tutorials and interactive content on the mobile app but was totally disappointed. Then i moved on to the nutrition section and that was really helpful. It is worth following to get in awesome shape.

Overall according to this Sweat with Kayla review the app is recommended for newbie’s as the exercise regime and nutrition guide shown in this app really works, but if you are an existing user of the BBR 2.0 then it is not worth purchasing.

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