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In the past, a job using a computer was not so common. Sure, there were secretaries, assistants and even typists who pounded away on their keyboards. But now, it seems like all jobs revolve around the use of a computer. It’s hard to get by without knowing the proper way to type.

If you think you can type at an adequate level, you’ll definitely get by. However, those who master the way around the keyboard can attest to the fact that it can save them a lot of time. Accumulated hours can be freed up just by improving one’s typing skills by just a bit. To those who take it seriously, they know why typing matters.

The Job for You

Ask any of your friends and I’m sure they need to use a computer for their work. Even jobs that don’t seem like they do, actually need it. More and more jobs today require computer knowledge. You may not have a background in IT, but that shouldn’t stop you from knowing how to work the basics. Careers that circle around the use of laptop are journalism, marketing, legal, finance, and statistics. If you want a job in any of these areas then you need to be able to type fast.

game level 2

The New Communication

Nowadays, people don’t talk with each other to communicate. It’s becoming more and more common to either use SMS or an instant messaging app to get your message across. With this happening, it means you probably need to respond to a lot of messages from time to time. Those who are able to clear their inbox of unread messages faster can free up a lot of time for other things.

Improving Your Speed

If it worries you how slow and inefficient you are at typing, there are plenty of ways to pull up your speed. The best way is to simply take online exercises. Websites like game level 2 give you a battery of tests that force you to type faster and more accurately. It’ll help your fingers get even more familiar with the keys and prevent you from having any unnecessary typo errors.

As the world changes, we need to change alongside it. That means learning the new and important skills that our jobs and society requires. If that means starting over and learning again from scratch then there should be no other way but up.

Typing in 2017: The Importance of Teaching the Traditional Way of Using a Keyboard

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Despite the many advancements in technology, schools are still discovering the importance of looking towards older educational and instructional methods to assist students in making the most out of digital resources. After all, we now live in the 21st century, and the statement “keep your mobile devices away while class is ongoing” is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Now, many students are encouraged to “bring their own devices” to class as computer-based learning practices are now common themes in modern education. Many students are now more familiar with using smartphones and tablets as compared to just writing on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. Albeit it’s a giant leap for humankind, do the students know the best ways in using their preferred devices to enhance their learning capabilities?

game level 2

Touch Screens Versus Physical Keyboards

Moving your finger along a digital keyboard has its advantages, but it couldn’t compare to the speed and accuracy of typing with a physical keyboard. Even though a digital keyboard is convenient as students aren’t required to bring heavy peripherals as part of their daily routine, typing with physical keyboards promotes fewer errors with the added benefit of letting individuals practice touch typing.

So is Touch-Screen Manipulation Considered Bad?

Albeit typing with the standard physical keyboard presents more advantages than using an on-screen keyboard, a digital touchpad does entail some benefits. As mentioned in a previous section of this post, students are no longer required to bring bulky computer peripherals when they head to school. Students can also learn to appreciate typing with a physical keyboard better than using an on-screen keyboard as the latter is more difficult to deal with than the former.

The Need for Teaching Typing in Schools

Typing didn’t just appear out of nowhere as computers came into the scene as it has been part of an educational curriculum in many schools for decades. Even though computers didn’t exist back in the 1960s, many educational institutions require their students to type using a typewriter. The QWERTY keyboards of old still present a similar design to the modern computer keyboard. Now, many modern keyboarding programs are influenced by the fundamental principles brought by the introduction and use of typewriters. Appreciating the use of the old standards of typing will allow any individual to be grateful for the current technological advancements in typing even further.

Consider Using a Typing Program to Help Teach Students of All Ages

School districts and administrators should look into using a software that allows students to practice and enhance their latent typing abilities. There are online and offline offerings available in which students and teachers can take advantage of in assisting with the improvement of a person’s typing skills.

Despite on-screen keyboards becoming the norm regarding typing, many individuals still appreciate the physical keyboard as their primary means of laying out their thoughts, research, and other literary masterpieces to a digital form.

Check out the things You Must Do on the First Day of School

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It’s back to school again. You are probably excited to go to school again because you will see your friends again and hang out at school. You may be opt to learn new things and thrilled to gain more knowledge and skills. Perhaps before school starts, you already made preparations for it like buying school supplies, reviewing lessons from last year or even keeping away your old school stuff to make room for your new school stuff.

Moreover, there are things you have to do on the first day of school. Because what better way to start something new than on the first day itself. These things if done on the first day will definitely give you a clear vision of the entire year and a start boost in your school life. Here are the 5 things you must do on the first day of school.

Set Goals

It is important to set goals for your entire school year. Start setting them on the first day. It is up to you to decide about up to what extent will your goals be that you want to achieve before the school year ends. It is either you want to be an honor student or have a passing grade in all your subjects. You just have to make sure that your goals are S-M-A-R-T: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bounded. Detailed planning is advised.

Back To School

Pay Attention

Observing your school environment is important not only if you are a new student at a new school but even also you are a returning student at your old school. Every school year is different. There may be some old things that are now gone and new things that have added. Like for example, your favorite teacher last school year has left the school and a new teacher is now here to teach you. This teacher will be definitely different in teaching style so you have to observe and adapt to this change. You will definitely have new school mates too that you will be in acquaintance with. There can also be new rules and regulations implemented in the school that must be observed. This is basically absorbing your somewhat new surroundings for you to get comfortable easily.

Make New Friends

Since this is a new school year, there will be also new people around. This also means that you should make new friends. This is not only for those who are going to study at a new school but also for those who are going to study at their old school and may already have their own circle of friends. But, this doesn’t imply that you will forget about your old friends. This is simply extending your circle to new people who are not only great company but also can help you not only in your studies but also in developing yourself.

Be Good

Never, ever do something bad or that will make you look bad on the first day of school. The first day of school is not only the beginning of classes but also it is a day of first impression judgment. Being late on the first day is a big NO. Your teacher will brand you as a tardy student for the entire year and will always expect that you will do the same mistake over. This is also the case if you started or got into a fight. The school will definitely brand you as a troublesome student. So just be on your best behavior on that day.

Be Yourself

This is really overlooked most of the time on the first day. Sure we want these people to have a good first impression on us but that does not mean we had to be somebody we are not. A lot of people hide some of their uncommon qualities and life aspects just to feel they belong. But by doing so, you will only be anxious all the time and always worry that these people might find out about the real you and may not accept you anymore. So don’t do that. Always remember that it is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not.

With taking all of these in mind and doing all of these, you will definitely have a good and fruitful school year ahead of you.


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Many of us get lazy over a period of time and monotony sets in. But things have to be done and they won’t be done by themselves but there are easier and quicker ways of doing them and these are called hacks which can be employed for getting the tasks done.

  • It’s a quick rush for office and you notice that your clothes are ironed and you were too lazy to do so the other day. Keeping them under the mattress before sleeping in a neat position would ensure crease free clothes to wear.
  • If you simply lazy and hate doing dishes eat away in disposable containers which can be trashed away. This way you won’t have to wash up after a meal.
  • There is another way too use cling film on the dishes, this way you throw away the plastic and your dishes are clean as ever.

Life hack

  • Watering plants, if you have many then employing drip irrigation is the best method, that avoids daily watering or plant them where water naturally is available to them.
  • If you have greasy pans and burnt stains on them put a detergent liquid and few hours in the oven and heat after sometime you just can wash of the utensil clean without the extra effort of scrubbing.
  • There are times we run out of deodorant and lazy to pick up one from the nearby store use the hand sanitiser, well works ok for the time being.
  • Using your old banana going black spotted can be used as good face pack and save a lot on salon and expensive store bought packs. Lot of money and energy is saved than going out.
  • Lazy to wash your pets especially dogs get them in the shower with you, you save time and energy too, life is never too hard.
  • Drying your hair is too boring do it on the go with your car heater. Saves time and extra effort from your hands.
  • If you want your house to looking sparkling clean and bright but want little to do with use furniture polish and no time all your items will look good as new.
  • Using tin foil whenever you are baking with cheese, there is abound to be a spillover, the scraping and cleaning can be avoided this way.
  • Liquid shower gels work best to get rid of soap scum and quicker for getting your bathroom nice and clean in no time.
  • Your microwave is having the terrible odour after all the cooking and greasy as well stained cleaning up would be a huge task, when you have lazy hack such as this heat up two cups of water and vinegar in a bowl in the microwave and you could just wipe it clean.

Using dark towels will save you from noticing the dirt on them and perhaps this is the laziest hack.

What Are The Features to Expect from Best VoIP Services

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The very thing that strike our mind when we discuss about VoIP service providers is the range of features and benefits that come attached with this communication services. Most of the service providers today offer similar type of functions and futures with their VoIP services. The most primary function which you need to look for is the capability of transmitting and receiving communication information through the internet. The Best VoIP is the one that comprises the following functions.

Communication from Anywhere

The VoIP service providers must offer you with the capability to access your communication system from the regions beyond your operation base using the internet as channel of communication. This type of capabilities of VoIP communication will help you to stay tuned with all your workers, customers, suppliers, company partner always, regardless of your geographical location. You will be able to accept and transmit all the communication data even when you are travelling. This is the feature that every Best VoIP service must have and can provide to be beneficial for your company. Integrating this type of feature into your company’s communication system can significantly reduce the chance of losing important business calls.

Internet as Channel of Communication

Internet actually works similarly like your fixed telephones. But, using internet as communication channel for various communication transactions can significantly help to enhance the speed of your business communication. Voicemails, messages, calls and facsimiles all will be processed at a rapid pace just because the internet can route it quickly without the hassles of interruption. Even when it comes to process huge communication data for you business, the web communication lines provided by the service providers are always open and they never get slow or down during communication transactions. Moreover, you will notice a huge different in the quality of voice communication data which is very high with internet channels compared to the fixed line services. The voice information through Best VoIP is always superior compared to the fixed lines.

Ability to Process all Communication Transactions

The Best VoIP service will provide you with the ability to process all-around communication transactions. This means that you will not only use the system for making calls, but it will also help you to deal with messages, calls, fax transactions and voicemails which can be used using a single interface. These features prevent businesses from buying and maintaining a number of communication gadgets, thereby reducing the communication expenses.


Unfolding the Fate of VoIP

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 VoIP can be considered as a new form of communication for having been around since the 1990s. But unlike the conventional telephone, it has rapidly evolved to meet the demands of the fast changing world of technology. It has taken its place as a popular and growing communication platform in this era of modernization. 

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It transmits voice signals as “packets of data” from one IP address to another with the aid of a strong and stable internet connection. It allows users to make calls and perform other communication functions over the Internet.

Paving the Way

The existence of VoIP today would have not been possible, if not for the pioneering feats of inventing the telephone, the Internet, and Internet Protocol.

  • The telephone

The telephone, in its earliest form, required an operator at a switchboard to relay calls between the caller and the receiver. It was then followed by the creation of a new technology featuring touch – tone buttons just like how they are today. This allowed the digital switching of calls, eliminating the human operator in the process. The new phone designs emerged after later on.

  • The Internet and Internet Protocol

The internet started as a rudimentary computer network funded by the US Department of Defense. It was primarily created to provide communications among the Military and US Department of Defense.

  • The Internet Protocol Development

Networks of businesses and companies popularized the use of personal computers (PC). Using PCs, owners subscribed to an Internet Service Provider, and paid on a per – hour usage. Hypertext Transfer Protocol and URL were then invented setting the stage for the birth of World Wide Web. Then, IP was born which defined how information travels between computers.

How VoIP Began?

VoIP began as a company, which pioneered the first Internet telephone. The phone had issues such as poor sound quality, periods of silence, and loss of connection. The company then ventured to create computer – to – telephone and telephone – to – telephone calling capacities for VoIP. However, by the end of the year, the number of calls made using these innovations accounted for less than 1 5 of all calls made.

Telephone manufacturers took advantage of the opportunity to integrate IP – based packages to their products. They added IP capabilities to their switches and developed a software that allowed users to attach a VoIP adaptor into their phones.

What Is in Store for VoIP?

Undoubtedly the future of VoIP in the telecommunications industry is promising. Simplifying complex communications processes, lowering down expenses, and providing convenience to users are the best VoIP could offer. These would catapult it on top of the other communications platforms. Being the most talked about communications technology today, it is not possible.


Common mistakes to avoid while purchasing mattress for your home

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An adequate amount of sleep is a vital part in everyone’s life after a long tiresome day. It can be said that a healthy mind is directly proportional to a good night sleep. And to blend that very equation a good mattress plays a prominent role. But while purchasing a mattress people often overlook the importance and end up purchasing the one that literally give them sleepless nights.so it is always advisable to be precise about your requirement and opt for the one that would suffice their need and would suite the sleeping habits as well. There are some of the common mistakes that people tend to make while purchasing the mattress.

Common mistakes and tips to avoid thus

The very first mistake is that people tend to take it lightly when buying a mattress and go for any available option without even proper research. And if you are guessing why research? Then probably you are doing the right thing by reading this. Firstof all it is but natural for us to jump to the first shop available and purchase the best that “felt on the eyes”. Before doing that do check the user reviews and ratings of the shop so that you may get a clear idea on what you are heading for. You can also check if you want to opt for an online purchase, but again you need to make sure that you are on a right or reliable online shopping platform. Second common mistake is that many of the people don’t even know their own sleeping pattern and avoid the fact recklessly that it impacts the overall health, causing pain, and giving you a disturb sleep.

So it is recommended to buy a mattress that will go with the sleeping patterns and ensure no back pains or any other problems. The other common mistake is that people tend to forget to check the quality of the product but in this case it should be at most priority because you pay a lump money to buy it and may end up sleepless nights. The very fact that people think, if cost is higher so will be the quality of the mattress, is just a misunderstanding. The cost has nothing to do with the quality of the product. You may get better one for the less cost and May end up paying a hefty amount for the wrong one. A mattress should neither be too soft nor be too hard, rather a balance one would do well enough and will ensure a good sleep without giving pressure on the spine. You can go for a mattress protector in case it is required. After all a healthy sleep helps to overcome stress and ensures a better morning.


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 Don’t you ever get bored at how your house looks?You’re probably getting that itch to change up your interior style right now. Suddenly all you see are furniture shops and home décor magazines! Those darn home makeover shows are also not helping the temptation. The fact is it’s normal to want change in your home from time to time. It’s your home, so it’s your right to make it look in any way that way you want to. But, it can be pricey. So, how do you do it when your budget doesn’t allow for it?

It’s All About the Investment Pieces

Granted, you can’t do a complete makeover to your lovely home. It’ll be too costly and time-consuming. Plus, you’re not up to do something of that scale…yet. To change up the look without really changing too much, focus on key investment pieces. Maybe just a new sofa or a new bed. The site mattress reviews with has all the important info when it comes to picking great beddings. It’s a great place to get all the mattress reviews so you don’t have to gather the details all on your own. You can even use existing furniture but give it new life. If you still like your sofa you can just update the upholstery so it stays the same but feels refreshed.

All About the Details

There are a lot of inexpensive ways to update the look of a home without breaking the bank. A nice detail to a home is great art. People often think that getting great art means spending an arm and a leg. But, with a printer, you can get the look for less. Find great free photographs online, print it, and frame it. All you’ll have to spend for is the frame itself but you’ll get the look of a mini art gallery. Or you can rummage through flea markets and furniture sales to find home accessories for less. Unlike investment pieces, these things should be cheap. They’re throw-away items you change every now and then when you get bored.

Focus on One Room

If you can’t give the entire house a makeover then why not focus your resources on a single room. Sometimes, it just takes one to feel like you’ve changed up the entire house. One great inexpensive way to instantly change the feel of a room is to change its color. A secret interior designers use is by having an accent wall in a room. It’s one wall in a room painted a different color. It adds a punch of color without changing too much about the space. Ideas like these can really liven a place without spending too much.


The facts on unsecured personal loans

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Money management can be one of the toughest and trickiest things to do. Money as a means of transaction is needed for fulfilling our basic everyday as well as the luxury needs. Sometimes even with a lot of budgeting due to certain unforeseen circumstances, one can face financial problems. During such emergencies taking financial help from any outside lenders can be a welcome move. These lending institutions like banks (both private and public) and credit unions provide various types of loans ranging from equity, payday, personal (signature loans), tax refund loans etc., among many others. Most of these loans are secured loans where the borrower has to pledge some asset as collateral in order to get the loan amount sanctioned. Now the question arises what if a person does not have collateral of equal value to the loan? This is the most common scenario. To overcome such problem and to cater such customers many lenders including banks offer unsecured personal loans.

medsøker lån

Although unsecured personal loans at the face of it appears to be of no risk to the borrower, a lender can very well legally sue him/ her and place a lien on the borrowers assets in order to recover the loan and interest in case of any default. So, one can end up paying all the court charges along with the principal and interest. It is also not suitable for very huge loan amounts.

Easy Online unsecured personal loans:

Logically brick and mortar source holds more credibility when it comes to getting personal loans, but online unsecured personal loans are becoming quite popular because of its many advantages over the traditional methods. For financial emergencies it is a perfect option where one can get quick money without any probing (for the reason of loan application) and waiting for loan approval. The whole process till crediting the amount in the borrowers account takes hardly few hours and is totally hassle free. The process being simple can be done anytime (round the clock) and anywhere saving a lot of time and effort. Online lenders are not as picky about their customers as the traditional lenders. Although they give due importance to the credit score for sanctioning a loan, but many online lenders can provide unsecured personal loans for people with low credit ratings, hence quiet approachable. Also they are a vast number of online lenders to choose from.

Understand any add-on terms: Certain loans come with specific add ons terms in case of any default. One must understand the costs associated with ad ons like payment protection insurance, collection fees and late payment fees before availing for the loan.

The online repayments must always be done using traceable transactions to avoid any misunderstandings and legal issues in the future. A bit of research can avoid such risks and one can reap the benefits of online unsecured personal loans.

Apply for Loans with Co-Applicant for Major Benefits

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It is not always easy to get a long yourself until you include a co-applicant to increase the chance for your approval. The co-applicant in your loan is like your partner in the loan application and the credit and assets of each applicant will be evaluated for approving the loan amount. The co-applicant in the loan give the lending agency two chances to collect their loan amount as they can pursue the main applicant or the co-applicant for payments. The co-applicant adds another income which may increase your chance of getting approval. You may look at the varied loans with co-applicant online at www.lånmedmedsøker.no.

Faster Approval of Loans with Co-Applicant   

The probability for loan approval is much higher if you apply for a loan with a co-applicant. The husband and the wife are common co-applicants for a loan and sometime you may also add co-borrowers to the application. The lending agencies usually check the percentage for loan approvals and with co-applicant with may drop down to the debt-to-the-income ratio limit. If you can’t qualify for a loan due to low income, then including a co-applicant in the application would help you to get faster and easy approvals.

medsøker lån

Higher Loan Amount for Loans with Co-Applicants

If the income is very low to quality for a loan amount you are demanding, then you can reduce the loan amount requested or you can include a co-applicant for higher loan amount. The co-applicant with no long-term debts and steady income can significantly increase the total income calculations and hence you can qualify for much higher loan amount. You will qualify for higher loan amount to buy more expensive house, flat, car or anything with the loan amount

Lower Interest Rates 

Most of the lending agencies out there will use risk-based interest rates as they consider your credit score and assets to fix the interest rates. But, if you apply the loan with strong co-applicant then chances are you will get much lower interest rates than if you apply alone. You can negotiate with the lenders and get the best possible interest rates. With the strong co-applicant you can shop around and save thousands over the course of loan.

These were some of the benefits to apply for Loans with Co-Applicant. You can brose across several options of such loans online at www.lånmedmedsøker.no and apply for the best deal that suit your budget and loan needs.

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